A doodle of good and evil…and other stuff I draw…


A painting of my Dad, part I: sketches

So I started with a real quick watercolor study. Just playing with some real basic color values and composition, not much attention paid to color hues.

Then I go on to do a view graphite studies, here paying closer attention to the form and, once again, values. Values are key in a good portrait. If, say, the hair and skin are too similar in value, then they will blur together.

The whole series:

Water Color Painting of a tree

Drawings: Fey up close; person in woods

World map; stuff I drew; fey drawings

A portrait of my Brother-II-final pincil; colors blocked out

Zombra and Woo-Part Two

There are a piece of fanart I did for a contest put up by Sandra and Woo.

Thumbnails and stuff:

May Day!

Peoples for Comic…


A sadly frozen bee…