A doodle of good and evil…and other stuff I draw…

Art Book

Two comic pencils, a portrait of a bearded face and an interior concept sketch of a space ship

Sketches: portraits, book cover brain storm, people

Sketches: two book covers in graphite and a portrait

Sketches: Bushes, space ships and a face

Sketches & inks: comic, peoples, a poem

Sketches of: creatures, comics and spaceships

Sketches of: traditional nordic dancers

One day I was sitting in a park drawing when, bam! a Troop of Norwegian Dancers showed up in traditional garb. These are some quick studies I made. They aren’t vary detailed, but…dancers don’t stand still long enough to draw vary well.

Watercolours of: some flowers

Sketches: windmill, people in a park

Houses and things