A doodle of good and evil…and other stuff I draw…

The makings of a Comic.

Here I, Digital, block out the placement of the important stuff, work out some of the colors, and make basic borders.

Then I sketch(Digital) over that and rough out the basic forms of the comic.

This is my last sketch where I add the cloth and refine the form.

Then I Digital ink over it all with a nice Digital black pen, finalizing all of the details.

This is where I add the basic color of the forms.

Then I add some depth to the forms with shading.

Detail the background.

And finally add the words.

One response

  1. A

    Cool! I didn’t realize you went through so many draft sketch phases on the way to the final product. How long does it normally take you to make on of these?

    June 4, 2011 at 2:56 pm

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